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In the fall of 2016, I took Creative Writing with Matthew Guenette. That semester, Matt had us reading a lot of flash forms. The video attached to this blog post is a visual representation of a story I’ve been writing: a graphic, narrative non-fiction about my ex-boyfriend’s suicide titled: “Memoir of a Suicide.” The story’s inception was inspired by an essay called “Building A Frame, Giving an Essay a Form” by Maggie McKnight, which appeared in an anthology called Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction by Rose Metal Press, and beganĀ as a 3-page outline:


Shortly after scribbling those three pages, I hopped a train to Idaho and the story brewed in my subconscious mind.

When I returned from Idaho, I spent a semester (Spring 2018) furthering the project by working it as an Honor’s Project, overseen by Matt: I created a more expansive narrative from that skeleton draft that semester–but everything is still so…DRAFT-y. Some of the crafting process has been a spiraling mess of half-art, post-its, memo pads and too much Redbull. Some of the process has been accompanied by a debilitating psychic drag.

The last few months have been wildly unproductive for my creative life. It isn’t that I haven’t been trying to make headway–it’s that my focus has been so divided that forward movement seemed un-achievable. Yesterday, however, I decided something: after months of entertaining the idea of burning it all, of entertaining the idea of alternatives (art school?) I decided: All I need to do now is redraft it.

So, that’s what I’m going to do. Draft 2, here goes.

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